Personal Training

 Our studio has a primary focus on core strength, functional fitness, and vegetable-forward nutritional advice. Each program design is unique, but all are rooted in science. We understand that finding the right personal trainer is extremely important, so what we do is offer two no-commitment introductory sessions for $148. This two-part approach hopefully allows you ample time to get a feel for our style and the studio. The first session will consist of us discussing your health, nutrition, injuries, goals, etc., and we'll also perform several movement tests to help determine any muscle imbalances. From there we'll schedule a second session, which will be a workout, that will also help us to further determine any imbalances by simply watching how you move. Should you decide to move forward after that, we'll then take biometric measurements, get your weight and body fat percentage, help you track your nutrition, and provide you with some awesome recipes to get started.


Personal Training:                          

5 sessions - $530 (106/hr)

10 sessions - $990 (99/hr)

20 sessions - $1840 (92/hr)

30 sessions - $2550 (85/hr)                                                                   


Partner Training:

          5 sessions - $695 (139/hr)

          10 sessions - $1320 (132/hr)

          20 sessions - $2500 (125/hr)

          30 sessions - $3540 (118/hr)