About the Practice:

Providing care that works, Dr. Grey designed the office to ensure care is accessible for those that experience symptoms such as headaches and pains, but also for those that want to perform better athletically and professionally.

Booking is conveniently online. Patients are seen efficiently to ensure their busy schedule doesn’t prevent them from getting care and prioritizing their health. The primary goal at Equipoise Chiropractic is to increase performance, function and one’s overall health.

Equipoise Chiropractic does this by providing the Blair Upper Cervical (head and neck) Technique, Extremities (arms and legs), and Drop Table. All gentle forms of adjusting that lead to improved function and longer lasting effects. When the misalignment is at the junction of the head and neck, a location that is very important due to neurological function, it can cause issues elsewhere in the body. By address the cause at the highest point in the spine, issues can resolve elsewhere. By adjusting clients’ arms, hands, legs and feet, they are able to train and work properly.

About Dr. Grey:

Dr. Josh Grey became a chiropractor because it matched his own philosophy of addressing the problem, not the symptom. He had seen how successful chiropractic could be at helping people live better lives and left working in San Francisco’s healthcare startups to become a chiropractor.

He is licensed by both the Board of Chiropractic Examiners in California and Washington State. He has completed additional training in the Blair Upper Cervical Technique from both the head of technique for The Blair Upper Cervical Society and from working with a diplomate in the upper cervical junction. He has also completed seminars for extremity adjusting, an often sought after technique for athletes.

When he isn’t in the office seeing patients or out educating the public about their health, he is spending time with his family, working on health goals or discovering new hobbies.


Consultations: Complimentary, offered over the phone or in person

Initial Exam: $150

Office Visits: $83

Packages are available and HSA accounts can be used. Superbills are provided to patients that want to bill their own insurance.

Contact Dr. Grey at hello@eqc-ga.com

Find out more and book online at www.eqc-ga.com